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مطالعه بر روی سه بعد مختلف مساله مکان یابی تسهیلات

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نام فارسی: مطالعه بر روی سه بعد مختلف مساله مکان یابی تسهیلات نام انگلیسی :   A study on three different dimensional facility location problems زبان : انگلیسی سال: 2013 ژورنال :Economic Modelling تعداد صفحات: 9  فرمت فایل : PDF   چکیده: In supply chain strategy, designing a network is one of the most important part. This model deals with various dimensional facility location models. Initially, this paper begins with two echelon facility location modelof dimension two. Then, it is extended to three dimensional model by adding commodity type and then, different types of transportation modes are added to make it four dimensional model. Delivery lead time andoutside suppliers are assumed to meet the retailer’s demand too. We construct some lemmas to comparethe optimal solution for each of the problem. We also study the procedure of reducing the total cost of thesupply chain network by applying a small change in constraint set. This is described by another lemma.Some numerica …

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