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پاورپوینت استخوان ترقوه

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  نوع فایل:  ppt  _ pptx ( پاورپوینت ) ( قابلیت ویرایش  )    قسمتی از اسلاید :    تعداد اسلاید : 9 صفحه طرح درس عنوان:شکستگی استخوان ترقوه Collar bone Position Reason Duty Patient Action Purpose Of Treatment Figure Of 8 Brace Neurologic Function Circulation Sling Arm Supporting Pain Alleviation Treatment: 1/3 Medial 1/3 External Without Ligaments Rupture And Relocation Dynamic Limit(Upper Limbs) Dangle From Neck With Coracoclavicular Ligament Rupture And Relocation DRIF Fixation 1/3 Distal Nursing Implementation Moving Hand Upper Than Shoulder )(Until 6 Week) Hand Exercise(Fingers,Elbow,Wrist) Hard Activity(Until 3 Month) Around The Time Of Union: Children:2-4 Weeks Adults:3-6 Weeks Radiography Shoulder Exercise Complication Trauma To Nerves Of The Brachial Plexus Axillary Venous And Arterial Injury By Fracture Nonunion And Malunion Of Bone Arthritis After Trauma Organ Using Disorder از توجه شما متشکرم اسفند 93 .   متن …

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